Flavors and Pricing

The Classics:



*Vanilla Buttercream
*Chocolate Buttercream
*Almond Buttercream
*Lemon Buttercream
*White Chocolate Buttercream
*Cream Cheese
*Cinnamon Cream Cheese
*Oreo Cream Cheese



*Black Forest { Moist chocolate-cherry cake with cherry buttercream frosting, topped with intense dark chocolate shavings}

*Dulce De Leche { Vanilla cake filled with milk caramel, frosted with lemon buttercream }

*B&W { Dark chocolate cake infused with chocolate chip cheese cake, no frosting needed. }

*Carrot { Carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting }

*Chocolate Fudge Cake { Moist Chocolate cake with Fudge filling and frosting }

**more gourmet flavors coming soon, please check back often**